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Columbia college SPRING 2016 president’s list

 Columbia College has named 206 students to the spring 2016 semester President’s List. We are pleased to officially recognize their exceptional scholastic achievement.  This acknowledgment is reserved for students completing twelve or more units of semester coursework at Columbia College and earning a cumulative grade point average between 3.5 and 4.0, with no grade lower than “C.”

Columbia College spring 2016 President’s List students are listed below by city.

Nicolas Logan Alta Loma
Trenton Bennett Angels Camp
Justin Clemens Angels Camp
Hayley Gorden Angels Camp
Todd Loughran Angels Camp
Christina Martinez Angels Camp
Christian Wilson Angels Camp
Heidi Lawson Arnold
Kellie Olsen Arnold
Kathleen Stone Arnold
Monica Taylor Arnold
Brandy Johnson Big Oak Flat
Jane Kelley Burson
Evan Christian Columbia
Ethan Hinman Columbia
Emily O’Neill Columbia
Fanjaharilanto Rasoavero Drake Columbia
Michael Storey Columbia
Nicholas Albertson Copperopolis
Joshua Gish Copperopolis
Kaley Graham Copperopolis
Natasha Hawken Copperopolis
Glenn Perry Copperopolis
Elvia Prado Copperopolis
Alinda Rahn Copperopolis
Jennifer Roe Copperopolis
Steven Rose Copperopolis
Eric Stolz Copperopolis
Sean Bell Coulterville
Brooke Bozzo Coulterville
Hana Moskovitz Davis
Margaret Glover El Portal
Shannon Bias Groveland
Stefan Karunos Groveland
Heidi McAdams Groveland
Kasey Carajan Jamestown
Sophia Dragun Jamestown
Kierin Harrison Jamestown
Abrielle Hurst Jamestown
Jacob Ramsey Jamestown
Bradley Sullivan Jamestown
Cynthia Yacovetti Jamestown
Audrey Harper La Grange
Kirstin Leventhal La Grange
Michael Weiland La Grange
Joel Arambula Lodi
Kaeah Domenech Lodi
Hannah Spicer Manteca
Jesse Campbell-Taber Mariposa
Chase Gibson Mariposa
Carlianne Lopez Mariposa
Maria Makhina Mariposa
Angelina Mirassou Mariposa
Hanna Olson Mariposa
Bryce Bernat Merced
Gemamiah Battle Mi Wuk Village
Mary Monteverde Mi Wuk Village
Chailah Reynolds Mi Wuk Village
Judah Wilk Mi Wuk Village
Brian McGregor Moccasin
Anthony Berbena Modesto
Garrett Johnson Modesto
Sarah Miser Modesto
Ryan ArceJaeger Mokelumne Hill
Channing Harris Mountain Ranch
Tara Cookson Murphys
Michael Forjan Murphys
Carrie Graham Murphys
Wesley Hill Murphys
Bailey Kato-Dutton Murphys
Diego Medrano Murphys
Danea Palmer Murphys
Andre Sage Murphys
Brandon Basore Oakdale
Johnathan Borba Oakdale
Wade Branch Oakdale
Hannah Butler Oakdale
Emily Mason Oakdale
Audry McCain Oakdale
Erin Moitoza Long Oakdale
Bryce Neal Oakdale
Stephen Perreira Oakdale
Darrin Powers Oakdale
Lena Schulke Oakdale
Hannah Stewart Oakdale
Denise Thompson Oakdale
Samuel Walker Oakdale
Joseph Tullus Palo Alto
Grant Duran Pollock Pines
Jacob Vonada Pollock Pines
Katelyn Sammann Ripon
Shasta Garcia San Andreas
Amanda Hummel San Andreas
Carina Swann San Andreas
Aaron Simonson San Jose
Jenna Beers Sebastopol
Brittanny Allen Sonora
Erik Anderson Sonora
Julia Anderson Sonora
Jessica Anselmi Sonora
Alexander Arnold Sonora
Patricia Hazel Bibal Sonora
Aidan Bolduc Sonora
Sabrina Boles Sonora
Tiffney Bowen Sonora
Ronald Brewer Sonora
Andrew Brown Sonora
Paige Bryant Sonora
Alexsis Byers Sonora
Patrick Carroll Sonora
Christopher Childers Sonora
Elliott Cox Sonora
Jeremy Dana Sonora
Drake Davis Sonora
Sean DeAnda Sonora
Justin DeHart Sonora
Ashley Derichsweiler Sonora
Konrad Ehresman Sonora
Colton Fredrickson Sonora
Brooke Fulkerson Sonora
Daniel Gattoni Sonora
Gregory Gayle Sonora
Tamara Gossage Sonora
Jamie Guerrero Sonora
Andrew Guptill Sonora
Shelby Haefele Sonora
Andrew Hall Sonora
Jennifer Hamrick Sonora
Jennifer Hood Sonora
Lauren Johnson Sonora
Garrett Jones Sonora
Lorena Jurado Sonora
Ahna Kerr Sonora
Daniel Kristofic Sonora
Ryan Lacasse Sonora
Katie Liukkonen Sonora
Alex Lundeen Sonora
Sydney Lyon Sonora
Izak Mahoney Sonora
Colton Masters Sonora
Luke McCarthy Sonora
Alexa Meisner-Bogdahn Sonora
Tea Miale Sonora
Kaitlyn Miller Sonora
Mikaela Mitchell Sonora
Brent Mohr Sonora
Mona Mohr Sonora
Travis Moses Sonora
Brenden Narita Sonora
Jessica Nosanow Sonora
Molly Olson Sonora
Austin Page Sonora
Rachelle Palomino Sonora
Sean Phillips Sonora
Josephine Price Sonora
Miriam Reza Sonora
Jocelyn Schader Sonora
Emily Schmittle Sonora
Nicole Schultz Sonora
Christopher Shepard Sonora
Emily Shumway Sonora
Katie Stuart Sonora
Adam Taylor Sonora
Rachel Thompson Sonora
Jackson Trent Sonora
Jonah Vassar Sonora
Christine Verplanck Sonora
Megan Vistica Sonora
Nicole Wallace Sonora
John Warnock Sonora
Ariel Watson Sonora
Julianne Wright Sonora
Marcelene Hanson Soulsbyville
Wesley Laumer Soulsbyville
Desirie Terzani Soulsbyville
Joseph Ziganto Soulsbyville
Daniel Gragg Stockton
Zachary Wallace Sun Valley
Nicole Glass Sutter Creek
Melanie Bruce Tuolumne
Jeremy Dillon Tuolumne
Caitlin Egger Tuolumne
Hannah Grabowski Tuolumne
Emily Jacobson Tuolumne
Mason Mendoza Tuolumne
Donna Miller Tuolumne
Daniel Pavlin Tuolumne
Kameryn Perkins Tuolumne
Andrew Preuss Turlock
Brian Beasley Twain Harte
Shawn Betzenderfer Twain Harte
Sarah Glazier Twain Harte
Clint Heller Twain Harte
Abby Kitchen Twain Harte
Hayley Mutchler Twain Harte
Katelyn Stewart Twain Harte
Darren Warnock Twain Harte
Kyle Warren Twain Harte
Carter Christian-Billings Vallecito
Elizabeth Ernst Vallecito
Amber Baptista Valley Springs
Eric Cancilla Valley Springs
Zackary Freeman Valley Springs
Julie Glahn Valley Springs
Edgar Gomez Waterford
Bryan Perez Winton


Water Education and Awareness Day

The fulfillment of basic human needs, the environment, socioeconomic development, and poverty reduction are all dependent on water. Cooperation around this precious resource is key for the future of the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants; we must work together to protect and carefully manage this fragile, finite resource. Every action involving water management and use requires effective cooperation between multiple agencies at local levels. In recognition of this reality, the Forestry and Natural Resources program at Columbia College declared May 26, 2016 to be a local Water Education and Awareness Day as a means of focusing attention on the importance of water-related issues while advocating for the sustainable management of water resources. The day’s program includes stimulating speakers, presentations, panel and thematic discussions as well as a series of water-related displays.

The Center for Water Resources Management is a new collaboration facilitated by Columbia College to promote water education, certification, and training and is based at the Innovation Lab in Sonora, CA. Steve Christianson, Program Coordinator, states, “We have brought together education, utility organizations, governmental agencies as well as the private sector to develop our next generation of water workers for an exciting day of learning.”

On May 26, 2016 the Innovation Lab and the Center for Water Resources Management, located at 101 Hospital Rd. Sonora, CA, will host the first Water Education and Awareness Day from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  The event is free to the public and will feature presentations by Columbia College, Motherlode Job Training, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the State Water Resources Control Board. A panel discussion of experts will discuss the future of the industry, employment, and the drought.

The Center for Water Resources Management, a unique collaboration of utility agencies, industry, government, school districts, community colleges, and universities will meet quarterly in a formal “Water Cluster” starting this July. Water Clusters are backed by the EPA and the Sonora Water Cluster is the first rural-based cluster in the nation. The Mother Lode Region, one of the highest producing watershed areas in California, providing water for the Bay Area as well as contributing to Southern California’s water supplies, faces unique challenges including multitudes of small water systems with a lack of central coordination. Over the last couple of years, the effects of the drought combined with the impacts of the Rim and Butte fires have challenged the region while also creating opportunities for employment. The Center for Water Resources Management along with Columbia College’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Division and Forestry and Natural Resources program are combining forces to develop cutting-edge training opportunities. Columbia College programs have created a tremendous launch pad for a Regional Water Training Program. Existing Columbia College programs and courses include:  Two-year Associate in Science degree (Water Resources Management), Certificate of Achievement in Water Resources Management, Skills Attainment Certificate in Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations, and many other offerings in Forestry and Natural Resources.

Come and be part of this exciting opportunity to learn and explore job opportunities.

For more information contact:

Steve Christianson

Program Coordinator

Center for Water Resources Management

101 Hospital Rd. Sonora, CA 95370