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Tippet Receives Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship

Anna Mae Tippett, a student at Columbia College, has been named an Oberndorf Scholar by Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and has received a $1,000 scholarship.

The Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship helps Phi Theta Kappa members overcome unanticipated financial barriers preventing the completion of their first college credential, associate degree, or certificate. Anna is one of nine students selected internationally to receive the award.  See attached press release for more details.  2021 Oberndorf Press Release

Columbia College Automotive Tech Students get Tour of Tesla EV Plant

Students from the automotive technology program at Columbia College who toured parts of Tesla’s 5.3-million-square-foot electric vehicle factory and offices in Fremont on Friday,  April 15, shared their perspectives this week on advanced robotics they saw on assembly lines, as well as how the innovations they witnessed are motivating them in their career paths in a changing industry.






APPLY NOW for 150 Cash Awards this Year!

The Columbia College Foundation works with dozens of community donors to offer scholarships and awards to Columbia College students just like you! With one easy application and more than 80 opportunities for 150 cash awards, go online and get started TODAY!

• Log in with your student email;
• Visit the Career/Transfer Center in Manzanita for workshops and one-on-one assistance with applications;
• Check the website often for updates, workshops, and new opportunities;
• Email any questions to the Columbia College Foundation at,

Columbia College Welcomes Students Back to Campus

Columbia College welcomes students back to campus with extra financial aid, new scholarships, and face-to-face services

Columbia College has ramped up to welcome students for a new semester in August, with all services face-to-face, many classes in person and unprecedented new offers for financial aid, scholarships and extra support.

“We want to welcome students back to campus, and let them know this is a great time to pursue their education here at Columbia,” said Interim President G.H. Javaheripour. “All of our services and many more of our classes will be face-to-face on campus this fall,” Javaheripour said. “That’s a huge step forward as we come through COVID restrictions.”

Students also will have access to more than $1 million in new financial aid through COVID relief over the next year, and more than $200,000 in new scholarship support through the Columbia College Foundation. For most Columbia students, the new financial programs will mean hundreds and even thousands of extra dollars each semester.

“We’ve never had this amount of assistance available before,” said Financial Aid Director Marnie Shively.  “These financial aid and scholarship programs will give students a significant jump start, and we want as many students as possible to take advantage of this new support.”

Expanded financial aid will be available to students who fill out a 2021-22 Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act application (for undocumented students) and meet registration requirements for the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Students may be eligible for state and federal emergency grants in addition to standard financial aid. Students can contact the financial aid office for information at (209) 588-5105 or (209) 588-5272.

In addition, the Columbia College Foundation is offering some significant new awards to help students attend fulltime this fall:

  • A $300-per-student “welcome bonus” for hundreds of new and returning students covered by its Columbia College Promise Program for local students who completed high school in 2020 or 2021.
  • 20 “CCC Finish Line” scholarships, at $2,500 per semester, for continuing students who are at least halfway to graduating and can attend fulltime.
  • CCC Finish Line emergency grants available for students who need extra assistance in the coming school year.

“We know it’s been so hard for students during the pandemic,” said Foundation President Jeff Warren. “We are grateful for these extra resources to encourage them to stay on track.

For more information on the Fall Semester, contact the college at (209) 588-5109, or visit the college website at

New students also are invited to come to campus and attend a Claim Jumper Day from noon to 3pm on either July 22 or August 11. These days are designed to welcome and orient new students to college life at Columbia College. A campus tour led by student leaders will include active and engaging stops for students to accomplish new student steps including applications and academic advising. Register today at 209.588.5109 or send an email to

For general information or to get college ready, get one-on-one support by contacting Motherlode Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC) at 209-588-5066. MEOC is a federally funded program and can serve any college-bound person.

Finish Line Scholars Program NOW OPEN! Apply by June 1, 2021

COLUMBIA COLLEGE STUDENTS! Are you at least half-way to your degree or certificate at Columbia? Would $5k help you attend FULL-TIME and FINISH in the next year? Check out Columbia’s new Finish Line Scholars Program. Learn more and apply by June 1 for a chance at this new opportunity for Fall 2021!

Learn more and apply online at    Questions? Contact the Columbia College Foundation at or call (209) 588-5065

Offered by Columbia College Foundation and California Community  College Finish Line Scholars Program.

Addendum 4/29/21 – Columbia College Hosts Drive-Thru Commencement Ceremony

Columbia College will hold a drive-thru commencement ceremony for its Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 graduates on Friday, April 30, at 4 p.m. The drive-thru experience allows graduates and their families to be on the Columbia College campus while adhering to Tuolumne County’s health and safety protocols and providing each student with recognition.

Graduates and their families (one car per graduate) will drive through campus in their car to certain “checkpoints” and arrive at their final destination where graduates will be able to briefly exit their cars and walk across the stage to receive their diploma from Columbia College Interim President, Dr. G.H. Javaheripour and other distinguished guests.  Faculty and staff will cheer their graduates on along the path. The commencement ceremony will be live streamed through the YCCD YouTube channel beginning at 3:45 pm.  Up to date information on graduation including a link to the live stream event can be found at .

Because of the extraordinary circumstances last year due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Columbia College cancelled its 51st Commencement Ceremony. The Class of 2020 have been invited to come back this year and participate in the drive-thru ceremony should they chose to do so.

Among the graduating class of 2021, 101 Associate of Art Degrees will be conferred, 89 Associate of Arts for Transfer Degrees, 169 Associate of Science Degrees, 41 Associate of Science for Transfer Degrees, and 91 Certificates of Achievement.  75 students will graduate with distinction (cumulative grade point averages of 3.75 or better) and 58 with honors (between 3.5 and 3.74 grade point averages).

Those who will receive more than one degree are Joseph Accurso, Brian Applegate, Tatum Avalos, Stacy Avalos, Summer Avery, Tamara Avilla, Jahbar Beard, Tiffany Bowcutt, Samuel Brauer, Trina Cachero, Rhapsody Cattedra, Michael Chapin, Franziska Daumberger, Shelly Davis, Jaret Delap, Kristina Delgadillo, Lottie Emmons, Gabriel Ethier, Levi Flores, Carmen Flores Jimenez, Alexia Franco, Raymond Frank, Westley Gelhaus, Jackson Gordon, Heather Graham, Zachary Heier, Isabel Hernandez, Shane Hopper, Francesca Immediato, Julianna Jackson, Hailey Jayne, Zoe Kelly, Rebecca Kirby, Daniel Kristofic, Zachary Lambert, Thomasine Lane Timmins, Paul Lebourgeois, Hannah Lumbus, Jaden McCaffrey, Liam McKernan, Faith Mealing, Ashley Mikita, Kaitlyn Miller, Brandon Moakler, Alyssa Motter, Virginia Oellrich, Jessica Ornelas, Austin Pruitt, Maggie Sanchez, Ethan Scott, Cody Seldon, Matthew Silva, Shivanjili Singh, Grant Smylie, Kayla Snipes, Janet Solis, Christie Straw, Alexander Temple, Chance Tillery, Sydney Tonetti-Belton, Isabella Vargas Rosales, Cristina Verduzco, Haley Weeks, Renee Woolf.


*Graduate with Honors

**Graduate with Distinction


Tanner Bonillas


Maxwell Zimmer


Trina Cachero*

Chase Collins*

Janet Solis

Mark Antonio Solis

Angels Camp

Alikhan Abusaidi*

Mario Biagi

Adrianna Castle

Shelly Davis*

Isabel Hernandez*

Grace Johnson

Zachary Lambert

Kendra Maness

Faith Mealing**

Brooke Nord*

Natalie Ramos

Grant Smylie

Brianna Tyre


Alan McElroy**


Devon Bitner

Hannah Braydis*

Ashton Close

Amanda Spangler


Katherine Hamera


Matthew Hafen

Camp Verde, AZ

Bryce Moss


Joshua Williams

Camp Connell

Devon Bitner


Anastashia Maldonado*

Chinese Camp

Tyler Orpurt

Coconut Creek, FL

Seth Coddington


Bradley Bourguet*

Franziska Daumberger

James Fobelli

Thomasine Lane Timmins**

Cody Seldon

Cyrus Smithson

Shannon Velasco**

Julie Persing


Oscar Barboza

Rachel McIntire

Alyssa Motter*

Morgan Velasco


Austin Pruitt

Dayton, NV

Jennifer Keyes

Eldorado Hills

Courtney Stricler

Emmett, ID

Crystal Fowler


Michael Stime


Eric Miller


Stephanie Merriott

Chhoti Sherpa

Cynthia Ulloa

Gulf Breeze, FL

Bailey Kato-Dutton**


Brandon Moakler**


Gerald Cahill

Madeline Odom


Larry Holmes


Matthew Alvarez

Eugene Brown*

Isai Carmona*

Patrick Demery*

Carmen Flores Jimenez*

Raymond Frank**

Makayla Grogan

Henry Inocencio*

Olivia LaPertche

Jonathon Layes

Paul Moeller

Michael Muy*

Phong Nguyen**

Chelsea Nogales**

Paul Tanner*

Patrick Piceno**

Alexa Pierce*

Demond Richardson

Karissa Rogers

Ryan Rude**

Michael Schneider**

John Schoppe-Rico

Richard Stamps

Sophia Stevens**

Lance Swann**

Stephen Valkenaar**

Makayla Wheeler**

John Williams*

Knights Ferry

Kaeli Martinelli-Sweet

La Grange

Tatum Avalos**

Stacy Avalos**

Lizette Campos

Isabel Harper

Las Vegas

Alexander Temple**


Nicholas Giampaoli


Rose Cracraft

Matthew Silva


Kristen Dimas

Jaime Hoeke

Rachael Thompson

Long Barn

Sebastian Light

Los Gatos

Kimberlyn Quinn


Justin Dehart

Renee Woolf**


Emily Funk*


Valerie Basso*

Mi Wuk Village

Aloha Battle

Edward Carpenter

Kristine Donschikowski

Jane Perreira

Haven Trambley


Suzanna Ellis


Owen Bardsley

Kirk Burkhardt

Magaly Marin

Jaquelin Ruiz

Shivanjili Singh

Kristalynn Walker

Mokelumne Hill

Kayla Snipes**

Coral Paloma

Morro Bay

Gabriella Costa

Mountain House

Zoe Kelly**

Mountain Ranch

Annie Curtis


Nicole Avrit

Samuel Brauer

Thomas Craig

Sarah Eastwood

Emma Hampton*

Maxine Harper*

Josilyn Layton

Chelsie Moore

Jessica Ornelas**

Cloe Rowton

Sydney Tonetti-Belto**

Claire Wiley


Alexander Diaz

Alberto Flores

Tyler Taft


Jocelyn Burke*

Jesse Chavez

Jesus Felix

Ty Fuentes

Steven Gazdik**

Julianna Jackson

Jasmine Ledesma

Samuel Medlin

Cassidy Pricolo

Jordan Proch

Paige Rodrigues

Alejandro Rodriguez

Emily Silva Rodriguez

Yesenia Silva Rodriguez

Cristina Verduzco**

Hannah Wessling

Jodie Whitley**


Brennan Howard


Emma Rocha

Pleasant Hill

Olivia Hunter-Mcelro


Garrett Lenardo


Rhapsody Cattedra

Francesca Immediato

San Andreas

John McAllister

Kaitlyn Rodriguez

San Luis Obispo

William Stewart


Joseph Accurso**

Katherine Aldridge

Matthew Allen

Brian Applegate*

Taetum Arnett**

Israel Avila Guzman

Rosetta Bannwarth

Allura Bilderback

Kathryn Braga

Charissa Bush

Alvin Rino Calindas**

Brittany Camara

Monica Chandler

Michael Chapin

Gage Clark

Amanda Coats

John Paul Cordes**

Mark Coulter**

Ashlee Deaton**

Kristina Delgadillo

Dylan Derringer

Tayler Duarte

Nichole Dumas-Krieger

Lottie Emmons

Amrita Encoyand

Gabriel Ethier*

Isabella Fender**

Amanda Fleming**

Shelby Fosdick

Alexia Franco**

Rianyn Fraser**

Jacob Gamble

Cheyenne Garibay

Hannah Garrett

Westley Gelhaus

Xochitl Gonzalez*

Jackson Gordon*

Heather Graham

Justin Grant

Brittan Gregory

Kendra Grider*

Kayla Harris

Amanda Hart

Katherine Harvey

Trey Hawkins*

Zachary Heier

Erik Helseth

Cassandra Herrera

Riley Hillemeyer*

John Hire**

Rebecca Holland**

Shane Hooper

Hailey Jayne**

Julie Johnson

Luke Kerzich

Rebecca Kirby**

Adam Kirby

Alison Kolberg

Noah Kolpack

Nicholas Konklin

Hannah Kremsdorf**

Daniel Kristofic

Paul Lebourgeois**

Theresa Martin

Xochitl Martinez

Jessica McClintock*

Julian Meza*

Kaitlyn Miller*

Travis Moore*

Jett Moyer*

Derek Nilsen**

Virginia Oellrich**

Jill Oellrich*

Carlo Ortiz**

Aaron Padilla*

Cole Parish

Samuel Pearce*

Melissa Ramirez

Atira Robinson

Louise Rosen*

Cathryn Salari**

Fazlollah Salari*

Maggie Sanchez

Haylie Santos

Samuel Savage

Michala Scholkowfsky

Ethan Scott**

Robert Shepherd

Ian Smith

Kelsey Stone

Christie Straw**

Kaylee Taylor**

Kristiina Thompson**

Gianna Tubbs**

Christine Vandolah*

Isabella Vargas Rosales*

Elizabeth Vass**

Steven Von Berckefeldt*

Anthony White-Ramos*

Tyreace Williams

Jeannette Wunder


Tamara Avilla**

Janay Bostic*

Paul Bruce**

Manuel Espino

Levi Flores**

Keeley Niday

Skai Sheline

Donald Swanson

Kyle Teuton

Haley Weeks*


Larissa Catrina

Katherine Harvey


Jahbar Beard

Malachi San


Summer Avery*

Marina Bailey

Tiffany Bowcutt*

Jordan Craddock**

Ariella Gaughan

Cailin Gervin**

Haleigh Grabowski

Sydney Grognet**

Candice Harrelson**

Taylor Harrelson

Makila Leveroos

Liam McKernan**

Ashley Mikita

Nicholas Ohler**

Krysta Skaar

Adam Sonnberger*

Rachel Tyler**


Daniel Gragg

Hailee Sciarini

Twain Harte

Dorian Abare*

Hailey Baldwin

Sheila Blackburn*

Kathleen Hobbins

William Johnson Davis

Forrest Marion

Jaden McCaffrey

Ian Pinkney

Kelsey Sorrick

Chance Tillery**

Evan Zukal


Caitlyn Atkinson

Brooke Borba

Katie Duquette**

Valley Springs

Clara Bobrycki**

Jaret Delap

Kaytlan Gillespie-Brown

Ashlei Jones

Hannah Lumbus

Leanna Smith

Celena Torales

Caillou Watkins**

West Point

Shaney Stivers



Rudy Hinojosa


Crystal Shafer


*Graduate with Honors

**Graduate with Distinction