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42nd Annual Columbia Wine Tasting To Benefit Columbia College Hospitality Management Program

The Columbia College Foundation will host the 42nd Annual Columbia Wine Tasting – a benefit event from 1:00 to 4:00pm SUNDAY, April 15 to support the Columbia College Hospitality Management Program.

“The Columbia event provides wine enthusiasts a chance to sample local wineries and restaurants alongside a number of California’s favorite producers while visiting unique sites in the State Historic Park,” according to Tom Bender, a Hospitality instructor at Columbia College and longtime organizer of the tasting. “Many are small production wineries pouring new and limited release wines.”

Guests will be able to sample premium wines from more than 70 wineries, and enjoy hors d’oeuvres prepared by students enrolled in the Columbia College Hospitality Management Program, as well as a NEW culinary competition featuring Hospitality students and chefs from local restaurants.

Tickets can be purchased online for $55 per person in advance, or $60 per person at the event as available. Attendees receive a complimentary souvenir wine glass and wine tastings from participating wineries and food vendors. For more information or to make a reservation, visit or call (209) 588-5089. The Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau is a new sponsor for this year’s event.


Contact:  Columbia College Hospitality Management Program – Don Dickinson, Program Coordinator            (209) 588-5135

WHAT: 42nd Annual Columbia Wine Tasting

WHEN: Sunday, April 15, 2018, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Columbia State Historic Park


Columbia College has named 182 students to the fall 2017 semester President’s List.

We are pleased to officially recognize their exceptional scholastic achievement.  This acknowledgment is reserved for students completing twelve or more units of semester coursework at Columbia College and earning a cumulative grade point average between 3.5 and 4.0, with no grade lower than “C.”


Columbia College fall 2017 President’s List students are listed below by city.

Riley Jackson Acampo
Jesus Avila Altaville
Savannah Mattingly Angels Camp
Sarahi Terrones Angels Camp
Christian Wilson Angels Camp
Jeremiah Wilson Angels Camp
Ronald Hawkins Arnold
Jake Hylton Arnold
Jalen Enoch Bedford
Gwendolyn Craig Big Bear City
Marshall Williams Boulder Creek
Kai Bannister Columbia
Aaron David Columbia
Amy McQueary Columbia
Martin Mills Columbia
Fanjaharilanto Rasoavero Drake Columbia
Justin Barnes Copperopolis
Shaelyn Hamari Copperopolis
Kimberly Busby Coulterville
Alicia Encoyand Coulterville
Cody Henderson Coulterville
Mary McDermand Coulterville
Daniel Wegner Danville
Nolan Adam-Chinn Douglas Flat
Ashley Del Ponte Escalon
Audrey Orr Escalon
Anthony Felts Groveland
Ethan Yeadon Hathaway Pines
Munro Meyers Herald
Alaric Adams Jamestown
William Brown Jamestown
Dalton Butow Jamestown
Ian Cicero Jamestown
Andrew Derichsweiler Jamestown
Brett Dolan Jamestown
Sonja Gion Jamestown
Blanca Gonzalez Jamestown
Kristi Insilan Jamestown
Madison Joplin Jamestown
William Krein Jamestown
Levi Lowe Jamestown
Amandalyn Madlin Jamestown
Mona Mohr Jamestown
Nathan Orozco Jamestown
Juan Salmeron Jamestown
Peter Tidball Jamestown
Melvin Wignall Jamestown
Nicole Wilkins Jamestown
Trevell Wilson Jamestown
Kennedy Bruce La Grange
Jerry Cameron La Grange
Kirstin Leventhal La Grange
Anna Pellegrini La Grange
Joshua Sunday La Grange
Jay Mehta Lathrop
John Coose Linden
Kirsten Hall Livermore
David Ring Lodi
Cynthia Harmon Mariposa
Maria Makhina Mariposa
David Azevedo Merced
Annie Curtis Mountain Ranch
Max Golay Murphys
Emma Hampton Murphys
Savannah Luis Murphys
Eric Pellegrino Murphys
Bethanni Riedel Murphys
Elena Smith Murphys
Rebecca Smith Murphys
Daniel Alexander Oakdale
Samantha Esquivel Oakdale
Patrick Fabry Oakdale
Steven Gazdik Oakdale
Bastian Jimenez Oakdale
Dimitri Lolonis Oakdale
Magaly Marin Oakdale
Kaitlyn Mast Gruidl Oakdale
Juan Reyes Oakdale
Daniel Rodriguez Oakdale
Christina Scott Oakdale
Colin Maguire Petaluma
Rafael Soto Pittsburg
Stephanie Riley Rail Road Flat
Claudia Vargas Riverbank
Jared Cragun San Andreas
Shasta Garcia San Andreas
Keifer Minehart San Andreas
Carina Swann San Andreas
Michael Wilmshurst San Andreas
Alexander Adam Sonora
Alexander Arnold Sonora
Ian Austin Sonora
Emily Beluardo Sonora
Patricia Hazel Bibal Sonora
Anna Bruno Sonora
Lucas Burgess Sonora
Tamara Burgess Sonora
Theresa Campagna Sonora
Waylon Coats Sonora
Valeria Dapello Sonora
Bryce Dorflinger Sonora
Susan Elias Sonora
Shalom Fletcher Sonora
Aren Forster Sonora
Veniamin Gedarevich Sonora
Alfonso Gonzalez-Mora Sonora
Andrew Guptill Sonora
Dillon Hadden Sonora
Cory Hall Sonora
Natalie Hawks Sonora
Grace Hernandez Sonora
April Howard Sonora
Nicholas Konklin Sonora
Mark Kreuzer Sonora
Shaina Lane Sonora
Hillary Liljedahl Sonora
Stacy Lindsey Sonora
Todd Long Sonora
Nikaya Lundeen Sonora
Teyana Lundeen Sonora
Colby Mathe Sonora
Nathan Maurer Sonora
Jeremy McCall Sonora
Jessi McClenahan Sonora
Travis Moore Sonora
Melissa Murry Sonora
Madeline Odom Sonora
Savannah Oellrich Sonora
Molina Ofiana Sonora
Samuel Page Sonora
Chloe Plummer Sonora
Josephine Price Sonora
Katra Pritchard Sonora
Jade Pruett Sonora
Niki Roberts Sonora
Ian Schubert Sonora
Chonne Shatswell Sonora
Megan Snyder Sonora
Maddison Stevens Sonora
Jack Summers Sonora
Isabel Valadez Sonora
Morgan Vaughn Sonora
Stephanie Lyka Viceral Sonora
Megan Vistica Sonora
Dawn Warfield Sonora
Faith Weatheral-Block Sonora
Erin Wilson Sonora
Stephanie Wise Sonora
Bodhi Dannley-Johnston Soquel
Allie Eveleth Soulsbyville
Jennifer Milbourn Soulsbyville
Isaiah Porter Soulsbyville
Summer Williams Standard
Jonathen Villante-Keeton Stockton
Victoria Brick Tuolumne
Melody Brown Tuolumne
Glenn Cargain Tuolumne
Samantha Domser Tuolumne
Ryley Durling Tuolumne
Justin Eisler Tuolumne
Jonah Funk Tuolumne
Julia Grimes Tuolumne
Danika Lillie Tuolumne
Ashley Mikita Tuolumne
Alexandria Norvell Tuolumne
Daniel Pavlin Tuolumne
Ryan Whalen Tuolumne
Michael DeSilva Turlock
Andrew Preuss Turlock
Ayla Buck Twain Harte
Lynne Christopher Twain Harte
Patrick Cohen Twain Harte
Brenda Rager Twain Harte
Ariel Vaccarezza Twain Harte
Colin Prest Vallecito
Ana Bobrycki Valley Springs
Jayanna Cazares Valley Springs
Karli Gerlinger Valley Springs
Darlene Gibson Valley Springs
Kyra Miles Valley Springs
Jasmine Van Lehn Valley Springs
Kendall Kiely Waterford

Columbia College Receives State Grant for Fire Science Pre-Apprenticeship Initiative

Columbia College has received formal notification of the intent to award, pending Board of Governor’s approval and available funds commencing on January 18, 2018, a two-year grant to develop a new Fire Science Pre-Apprenticeship Initiative program.  The college will receive $496,804 over two years to implement the Initiative, recruit students, and launch the training with partner agencies. The award, just announced by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Workforce and Development Division, is part of the new California Apprenticeship Initiative aimed at broadening the range of apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs available to California workers.

Columbia College is currently implementing two Apprenticeship Initiatives with similar grant funding in Hospitality Management and Child Development and is excited about expanding opportunities to other industries to provide a well-trained workforce. The Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative Programs have registered 49 Hospitality Management apprentices since January 2017 and 18 Child Development apprentices starting their pathway in January 2018. There are 30 remaining slots for Child Development apprentices, for which the program is still accepting applications.

The new grant will fund the development of the Fire Science Pre-Apprenticeship, a pilot project that will allow high school students and adults interested in careers in firefighting to explore opportunities in Fire Service and prepare them for admission to the Columbia College Fire Academy. The program also creates a pipeline for individuals to apply to Cal-JAC, the state’s only apprenticeship in firefighting. Designed with input from partner agencies, the program is modeled on European apprenticeships, blending classroom instruction and hands-on training to prepare individuals for the intensity of a fire academy and apprenticeship.

Pre-apprenticeship programs are differentiated from Registered Apprenticeship programs in that they provide a broad-based training program in order to prepare participants for admittance to registered apprenticeship programs.

Dr. Klaus Tenbergen, Dean of Technical and Career Education & Economic Development, will oversee development and implementation of the Initiative starting in early 2018.

“This is a unique opportunity to work with local partners and agencies to develop a skilled and educated workforce for the Fire Science industry,” Tenbergen said.

Pre-apprentices will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of skills-building workshops and training through different professional agencies at partnering sites, receiving comprehensive training in a range of activities associated with firefighting. Training in other “soft skills” will be incorporated throughout. Once students complete the Initiative components as described, they will be prepared to enter the Columbia College Fire Academy, and eventually apply as apprentices with the California Firefighters Joint Apprenticeship Committee (Cal-JAC) or intern with local fire districts. If students desire, they may also pursue an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science with additional coursework.

Along with other fire agency partners in our community, the following agencies have expressed support: Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority, Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools, Mother Lode Job Training, Motherlode Workforce Investment Board, and California Firefighters Joint Apprenticeship Committee (Cal-JAC).

Other interested parties are encouraged to contact Dr. Tenbergen to be included in upcoming planning meetings to be scheduled for late February 2018.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Klaus Tenbergen

Dean of Career Technical Education & Economic Development

Office: 209.588.5142

Cell: 559.994.6434