Wait-list Specifics

When a course section (class) fills, students can place themselves on a wait list as long as they have satisfied any prerequisites. Students cannot be enrolled in a class section and also be on a wait list for the same course that meets at a different time, so students must choose their course sections carefully. Students are not guaranteed a seat in the class when they are on a wait list; the process is not automatic. If a seat becomes available during registration, wait-listed students will be notified via their student email. Students will have 5 days to register for the class from the date the email notification was sent. Students who do not register within 5 days will be dropped from the wait list, and students are not charged for a class until they have registered for the class. Students are only permitted to be on one wait list at a time in any given course (i.e. one English 1A section, or one Math 104 section, etc.). If you have any questions, please call Admissions & Records at (209) 588-5231.