Columbia College Receives New Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Columbia College is proud to announce that we have just received new Scott Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for the Fire Technology Program. This personal protective gear will be used by Columbia College Fire Academy students in live fire training that is required by the State Fire Marshall’s Office to receive their Firefighter 1 certificate. This specialized gear is used in firefighting when firefighters enter into IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) conditions so they have compressed air to breathe that is provided by the SCBA.

 The Columbia College Fire Academy purchased 30 new SCBA packs along with 30 spare bottles to enhance the fire program at Columbia College. According to our vendor, AllStar Fire Equipment, these brand new SCBA packs are the first to be  purchased by a community college in California. They are X3 Pro SCBA packs, approved by National Fire Protection Association 1981/1982, 2018 edition, manufactured by Scott Safety. Columbia College purchased the packs at a discounted rate provided by Scott Safety to state agencies in accordance with a state contract. Fire academy students and instructors will use the new SCBA packs for manipulative training, skills testing, and live fire training.

The Columbia College Fire Academy goes through extensive training in a modular format that is broken up to include academic and manipulative training in three areas: Structure, Hazmat, and Wildland. Each module must be successfully completed with passing scores in order to complete the first part of the California Firefighter 1 Certification. After completing the Fire Academy, students are required to complete six months of full-time or one year of part-time field experience before applying to the state for Firefighter 1 Certification.

For further information contact Fire Academy Chief Shane Warner at 588-5308 or Captain Andy Van Hoogmoed at 588-5153.